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Up-Cycled Laundry Soap or Unscented Laundry Soap is my solution to a problem that I was having with all the extra ends of my soap batches that I have to cut off before I cut my normal sized bars of soap. After over 70 batches of soap, I was starting to accumulate a large number of soap ends that I just usually use around my home, but I just couldn't keep up. My aunt went to a craft sale in Minnesota and came back with a bar of soap that was made from melting down all the ends of soap and with all of the beautiful colors all mixed together. It was really cool soap. I would have done the same with mine, however, I rarely use any color in my soap and it all would look the same if I melted it together again, so I thought, why not just mix all the plain scented soaps together to make laundry soap? So, Up-Cycled Laundry Soap was made. It will work great in all types of washing machines including high-efficiency washers because of its low foaming properties. Only one tablespoon of soap is needed per load, so this three pound bag can last well over a month. 

Laundry Soap

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